Can I Have a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement Plan at the same time?

No! Absolutely not!

I apologize for the exclamation points but if you have both at the same time, this will cause mass confusion for your Medicare billing.

Some agents will try to tell you that a Medicare Advantage plan can act as a drug plan for your supplement, but this is not true.

Recently, I had some clients call me and say “Norm, I have a Medicare supplement, but I am now having to pay co-pays for the doctor visits. Why is this happening?” When we do some research, we find out that they have been signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan, and thus the chaos begins to occur. Medicare will only allow one or the other. This is why it is so important to only conduct your Medicare business with your Medicare agent.

You know the saying, too many cooks can ruin the soup? Too many Medicare agents can mess up your Medicare insurance.


Please call if you have any questions. Stay safe out there!



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