Do I need anything else if I have both Medicare and Medicaid?

I run into people all the time who have both Medicare and Medicaid and ask me if they need anything else since all of their medical bills are covered?

The answer is YES!!!


There are plans called Dual SNP(Special Needs Plans) that provide extra benefits for people who have both Medicare and Medicaid. These plans include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Transportation to and from Doctors and Pharmacy offices
  • Gym membership
  • 24 Hour access to nurse
  • OTC card that helps pay for groceries, utilities, first aid supplies

This can make a HUGE difference for many people and help offset bills they may be facing. I have some clients that receive up to $325 every month to help with groceries, and you can see when you walk into any grocery store that it is expensive these days to try to feed yourself.

While these plans may not be right for you, there is as usual no cost to talk to me and find out if you can benefit from one of these plans.

Please call me for a free consultation and see if you can benefit from one of these plans.

Thank you and stay safe out there!



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