Do I need Part B Medicare?


I had a client recently reach out to me and say “Hey Norm, do I need to keep my Part B Medicare? I’m looking for a way to save $174.70 a month. Since I have my Medicare Advantage plan, can I just get rid of Part B?”


Both the Advantage plans, AND the Supplement plans require that you have Part B. Without this, you would not qualify for any of these.

The only individuals who should not have a Part B are those that have insurance elsewhere, such as Federal Plans, Veterans Benefits (And thank you Veterans for your service. Without you all, I would not enjoy my rights and freedoms that I have), or if you are still working and have insurance through your workplace.

With that being said, another question that comes up is if there is a penalty for not having Part B when you turn 65. As long as you have a creditable coverage, the answer is no. What counts as creditable coverage? Most workplace insurance plans fall under this category. Federal and Veterans does not. How do you know what is creditable coverage? This is where an agent is helpful to answer this!

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