Does Medicare Cover Nursing Homes?

People often ask me how much does Medicare cover in regards to a nursing home, or a skilled nursing facility?

The answer is 20 days.

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Then for the next 80 days, they will assist in payments, but then after the 100 days are up, you are fully responsible for the costs.

So how do your Medicare plans work in paying these 80 days?

Here is a breakdown:

1) Stand alone Medicare Plans and Prescription plans: First 20 days are $0 cost.  Next 80 days you will be responsible for 20% of the costs. After day 100, you are responsible for the entire cost.

2) Medicare Advantage plans: First 20 days are $0 cost. Next 80 days you will have a set copay. After day 100 you are responsible for the entire cost.

3) Medicare supplement plans: First 100 days are at $0 cost to you. After this, you are responsible for 100% of the cost.

So with all these different options, what is the best one for you? This is something you will want to talk to a local agent about to see which one fits what you are looking for in regards to your wants and needs for health insurance.

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