Why Should You Work with a Broker Agent?

When you begin your process to sign up for Medicare, you will be bombarded with stacks of letters and an unlimited amount of phone calls.

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Why should you work with a broker agent versus a captive agent?

  1. To begin with, a captive agent is only licensed with one company.
  2. A broker is licensed with many companies.

To give you an idea, here in Western North Carolina, we have five major Medicare Advantage Companies, and over 30 Medicare supplement plans, along with 28 prescription drug plans.

And while most brokers are not licensed with every single one of these companies, they will give you a better Buffet of choices to make a better choice for a plan that will fit your needs, rather than a captive company that only represents one company.

Whereas a captive company or rather a captive agent will try to make their plan fit your needs, a broker will be more open to make sure that you get a plan that will fit your needs both medically and financially.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 828-400-1829 if you have any questions.

The call will be free and the more you have been educated the better choice you can make for something that is so important.

Please stay safe out there and have a great week.




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