How can you tell if an insurance agent is legitimate?

How can you tell if an insurance agent is legitimate? Well, there are a few factors that you can look at to tell if the agent is legitimate or not.

These factors are as follows:

1) Ask the agent for the national producer number or better known as NPN.

If they can’t produce an NPN, then they are not an insurance agent.

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2) Ask for references. They should have some people that they can refer you to that can give them a good recommendation or a good reference.

3) Ask for their website. In this day of age, they should have some type of website that you can look at to see if they’re legitimate or not.

4) Ask who they work for I.e. what company. If they tell you they work for Medicare they are not being honest with you.

Medicare does not send agents out to try to sell products.

5) If you ask them questions and they are not completely transparent or they’re very vague about answering some questions, they are probably not legitimate.

With so many scammers out there it is so important to know who is legitimate and who is not.

Be careful with the information and who you give your information because your information especially your personal information in the wrong hands can be not only disastrous for you in regards to your insurance needs but could be disastrous for you and your financial needs as well.

Stay safe out there if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me, at 828-400-1829.

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