Medicare Supplements

How do I decide, which one do I choose?

What exactly is a Medicare Supplement? It is a plan that fillthe 20% gap that Medicare does not cover. However, with over 30 different companies how do you decide which company to go with for your plan?


When deciding which company to use,  there are a few factors to consider:

•  Is it a well known company? You want to be with someone who has a strong reputation.

•  What are the premiums, and how often do they go up? This is known as issue age vs attained age. While some companies start off dirt cheap, they really hit your wallet as you get older. And, if you are not careful, you may be stuck on a plan. Why pay $400 a month for a plan that you can get for $220 a month, with identical benefits? (Yes I run into this scenario often).

•  Does the company offer extra benefits? Do they offer a gym membership? Do they offer extra preventive care? How important are these “extras” to you?

•  Does your plan have a deductible, and if so how much is that deductible? 

These are the questions you need to make sure you can answer before signing up for a plan.  If you need guidance with these questions, please let me know, and I can help you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 828-400-1829 or email me.

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