Short Term Care—What and How Does This Work???

So you get sick. You  are unable to get around the house, or you recently have had surgery and are bedridden, or somewhat bedridden.

What do you do? 

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  1. Depend upon your friends and family 
  2. Go to a rehab center or nursing home. 
  3. Have a medical professional come to your home and help you recover at home with a short term care policy. 

The answer is 3.

Now, you have probably have heard of long term care, but what is short term, and how does it differ than long term care. 

Think of short term care as a plan where the rehab center is brought to your home. Do you want to be taken care of in a place you are familiar with, or a strange place? Obviously at home. 

What are benefits of short term care vs long term care? 

  1. No need for a hospital stay. LTC requires hospital stay. Short term care does not 
  2. No elimination period. No need to wait. 
  3. Most people do not use or maximize long term care plans. Don’t stay long enough. 
  4. Can be hard to get through strict underwriting. 
  5. Lot less cost than Long term care. 
  6. Can combine with your health insurance to fill gaps. 
  7. Prescription reimbursement. You actually get paid money when you fill prescriptions. 

These are just the highlights of short term care plans. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 828-400-1829.  

Stay safe out there. 



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